Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why High Quality Content Matters for Business Sellers and Customers

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For all of you that still haven't got the grasp of selling on eBay or amazon, I would like for you to chill out and relax. I found my products that sell asap, basically as soon as I post them up because I put the best content. pictures, words and offer great service on both platforms.
On both seller accounts it's important to set up your amazon seller profile just right for your customers to accept you as a trusted buyer.
I've had my most luck selling brand name products on eBay and Amazon because there is already a lot of hype, or trust in these products that it just increases your sales within minutes.
There is nothing better than to find the best brand name products to sell. So I recoment channeling all your thoughts on specific items that are brand name that would sell well. I've tried to sell less expensive tiems at the beggining of my amazon and eBay journey but I've hit gold mines selling high end / high ticket products because the demand for them is so high.
Here are the brands that sell great on eBay and Amazon
Top 10 Consumer Electronics brands
There are many ways to make money and profits online. My road led me to buy and resell, this road don't work if you hold on to too much money and don't want to prosper. I challenge you to get ahead of your competition with great titles, service, and reviews. This will always look good for the buyer which will increase your conversion rate. How much more money should I sell the product that you bought to resell? You might have asked, well that's entirely up to you because you are your business, you made your account yourself so you should price it as high as you want, as long as the item your selling is authentic, hopefully new and comes with fast delivery time for the customer.

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