Monday, January 8, 2018

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Site for Free

Each one of these steps will get you on the right path to receiving more of the right traffic to your blog and or website. This is legit and will take effort
STEP #1: Define Your Goals, Chose a niche
STEP #2: Track Your Current StatisticsSTEP #3: Improve Your Social Media Site’s Content
STEP #4: Utilize A Social Media Strategy
STEP #5: Repurpose Your Content
STEP #6: Create An Outreach Strategy

STEP #7: Build Your Email List

1st. Choose your niche, imagine the types of people who will click on that niche, then decide what kind of relevant information you can post to help out that reader(or do whatever type of blog you are trying to promote). You have to post a lot of relevant information such as seo keywords and use them as much as possible on your site to increase your chance of being clicked on. Choose your seo keywords with intention because readers are searching for an answer, so we need to make sure that we have what that person is searching on our blog, so use google search console or google analysts  to find what the people typed on google to find your YouTube video, blog, social media site ect.

2. Keep track of all your efforts and review then at least once a day

3.  Start social media platforms based on the information and likeness of your blog, post great images that will attract the reader, and post as many wonderful hashtags on your Instagram, Facebook, or tweeter to drive more traffic from those social media platforms. Also if you want to start a YouTube channel or already have, please use as many searchable tags that people would most likely be curious of clicking and check out.

4. Free giveaways is always a fun thing to do when you know how to do it correctly. Don't have any guilt trips unless you just post a plain giveaway without a plan. When marketing always have a plan
; step one pick an audience, step two what would they like to share for something free? Make this giveaway as easy as possible to get as many like, shares, and subscriptions with this tactical campaign.

5. Improve your sites content, the most important part of your job because you are making people click on your website for a reason, so don't disappoint them because they are your customer and will be clicking all over your site.

Bonus Tip: if you see a demand for whatever service you are offering, then it's a good one. Google is a tool we all use to inform us about anything we want.

6. Try the Outreach Strategy The benefits of tapping into major influencers and communities is obvious: they help spread your content/brand to a wider audience. But unless you're a smooth, charismastic talker, or have many friends in the journalism industry, finding those influencers and convincing them isn't all that easy.
7. Re purpose your content, this is vital for anyone trying to make a name for themselves on google. This involves a lot of reediting on the post and topics that you would like google to rank you higher for. That's the key to easy longevity on google.

8. It is critical to build and start your email list as soon as you publish your first blog! Try to capture there email by adding html add on codes into the theme of your blog. Ad this has the best social media buttons to pop up to share, follow, and subscribe to your email lists.

If you don't mind investing a little money to get a better grasp at what you're doing then please click that link to open up my "How to increase my search Traffic with research tools and programs" I'll tech you the most use advertising platforms and tips on how to rank higher than your competition.

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